Ancient Rome

Ancient Rome

Ancient Rome simulates constructing and administrating an Ancient Roman city

Ancient Rome is a city-building simulator, in which you oversee the construction and administration of an Ancient Roman city. You are set in the role of an upstart Roman magistrate who is assigned a series of city-building missions in order to prove his worth and ascend in his career. An adviser will accompany you through the first three tutorial missions, and later on it will only occasionally intervene to either instruct, or assign new goals to you. High-ranking patricians, who have invested you with their trust in front of Caesar, will also control your progress and inform the Emperor accordingly.

The city economy relies on a series of industries, such as drawing water in order to grow wheat for food, or producing flax, which weavers, in turn, use to make clothes. Constructing any building, from the inhabitants' huts to the different farms or factories, costs money and requires raw materials. The money is obtained by trading products with the city dwellers, and can then further be used to buy the necessary building materials. You also use the money to pay for training the builders, traders and workers that animate all the city activities.

A noteworthy feature of the game is its reward system. If you succeed in accomplishing your allotted goals within the prescribed time, you will be allowed to bring improvements to your personal villa, just outside of Rome. It is most pleasing to watch as the estate's various buildings develop along with your successes.

In conclusion, Ancient Rome is a very entertaining game, which will engage you through the quick pace it requires for constructing and administrating the city buildings and industries, as well as the ingenious rewards system.

Josephine Seaman
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